How do we rate? Property Taxes, by State

Ever wondered what property taxes are like in another state?

Florida has no income tax which explains why its property taxes are so high, but it doesn’t help explain why Illinois’ taxes are so high.

The following chart shows the amount of local and state property taxes collected per capita in each state in 2009.

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Tax Tips for Homeowners

Whether you were a first-time homebuyer buyer who bought a house recently, a long-time homeowner who refinanced or a seller who has left your house behind, there are several important deductions available to you. The downside is no more simple tax returns, because you’ll have to itemize. But the money you’ll get back from the IRS makes it worthwhile.

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Conflict-of-interest concerns dog the Dupage County Board of Review

A recent article, “DuPage appealing place for political figures”, by Andrew Schroedter of the Better Government Association, appeared in the Naperville SunTimes on October 6, 2012 10:56PM, raising concerns about troubling conflicts of interest. This blog entry contains extracts of the article. (Full report can be read here:   DuPage appealing place for political figures ‎)

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Why it pays to appeal your property assessment

If you’re sure your property is worth less than the assessor says it is, you might want to contest it. You might not be lucky the first time around, but don’t lose heart – Joe Konecny of Lombard finally which struck a deal, after several years of appeals — that reduced his taxes on his property by almost 20%.

Odds are, you’re not in a position to save quite that much. But it’s a helpful reminder nonetheless.

So: What are your options if you think you’re overassessed? It depends on timing.

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Just bought your house? Check your property taxes and assessment!

So you’ve just closed on your dream house, and you have a lot of things going on. Do yourself a favor and add one more item to the list: Check your property taxes and assessment. It won’t take that long, and could save you a ton of money in the long run!

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