Can you really lower my property taxes?

Yes. We win almost every appeal. If the tax rate increases, the amount you pay might increase year on year, but you will still be paying less than had you not appealed.

What are assessed values?

Assessed values are a percentage of your property value. We appeal the assessed value of your property which affects your property tax bill. When we lower your assessed value, your property tax bill will be lower too.

Can I do my own appeal?

Ask anyone who has tried to appeal their property taxes and you’ll quickly learn that it is almost impossible to succeed on your own. For only $95, we will review your assessed value. If we can help to lower your assessed value than we will proceed with an appeal at no additional charge unless we succeed!

Who should use Us?

Everyone needs to have an advocate on their side to ensure you are being fairly assessed and taxed. Especially in today’s declining market!

How much will it cost?

For only $95, we will review your property assessed value. If an appeal is warranted we will proceed with your appeal at NO ADDITIONAL UPFRONT CHARGE TO YOU! We only charge a percentage of the money we save you with no risk to you.

Our fee for a successful appeal is one-half of your savings in the first year only. For example, if we save you $2,000 the first year, your only fee is only 50% of that first year’s savings, or $1,000. So, you personally save $1,000 in year one and the full $2,000 for each consecutive year! And it is only due the following year! If we are unsuccessful in your appeal, you owe us nothing.

What information do you need from me?

After you signup and pay for the assessment service, you will be prompted to complete a form about your property. At that point, you are done! We will contact you if we need any additional documentation. Most clients do not need to invest more than ten minutes in their appeal.

Once I send my information, how long until I know the results of my assessment review?

We will send you an acknowledgment that we are in receipt of your information . Once the Assessor publishes your new assessed value (see latestnews page for details about published dates) we can then complete our work and notify you of our findings.

The assessor regularly refers to Living Area – what does it mean?

“Living Area” figures are computed based solely on exterior measurements of the home, NOT on interior room measurements.

“Living Area” may be influenced by cathedral ceilings, finished attic areas, et al.

“Living Area” does NOT include any finished areas that are partially or completely below grade (e.g., finished basements and/or rec. rooms).

“Living Area” is used only as a point of comparison between homes;

Residential building assessments are calculated based on a home’s ground-floor foundation square-footage, NOT its “Living Area”.

Appeals have been submitted to the Board of Review – Now what?

The Board of Review will send a notice to you or your agent notifying you of a 15 minute hearing scheduled somewhere between December 2011 and March 2012. During that meeting you are afforded the opportunity to present facts that you believe support your case for a lower assessment. No decision is made at the meeting, instead the board will publish all decisions around the end of March 2011. You have the right to appeal to the state of IL if you are not satisfied with their decision.

You’ve received your Change of Assessment Notice from the township in the mail– now what?

2011 was a reassessment year for DuPage – by law, all properties have to be reassessed at least every 4 years – 2007 was the last reassessment year. Now that the reassessments have been published, we’re able to compare your property against others in the neighborhood to best determine whether you have a case worth appealing. We were unable to proceed until the reassessments were published.

What can you expect from us when we assess your property:

When we complete our assessment on your property, we write a report on our findings, and share the report with you. Only once the report is written will we know whether an appeal is warranted for your property.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.